4 Summertime Ideas to Keep You Cool

Has the change in seasons caused a surge in your power bill?  We've got some ideas to keep you cool while saving you some festival money this summer. 

Prioritize your cooldowns 

Doing chores is a pain in the ass no matter what, so do you really need the A/C blasting while you're tidying up?  Save your energy for the moments you want to enjoy, like snuggling up for a movie or reading your favorite book. 


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 Keep your (literal) cool

Your internal A/C is a lot cheaper than your home's!  Stay hydrated with icy cold fluids, dress tropically, and remind yourself that only a few months ago you would have done anything to be as warm as you are now.

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Don't get heated

How about you don't heat up your home to begin with?  Shut off the stovetop and have a salad, take a cool shower instead of a hot one, line dry your clothes in the summer breeze instead of cooking them in your house.  Make it easier for your A/C to do its job!

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Simplify your style

Modern decor has a reputation for being "cold."  Use this to your favor during the sweltering summer season!  By streamlining your decor, your home will feel more airy and open.  Add in some cool tones or a water motif and you're basically poolside, right?  Right!

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This post was written by Scarlett Fox

Scarlett Fox
Scarlett Fox