6 Ways to Make Bathtime Extra Super Fancy

Aside from dazzling your bathroom with some of the most unique shower curtains, MNML Decor also wants to share 6 ways to make bathtime extra super fancy!

Clean Yo Tub!

Make your porcelain sparkle before you deign to put your tush on it.  Our pick for cleaning away soap scum and debris?  Method All-Purpose Cleaner.  Their products are biodegradable, non-toxic, affordable, and, most importantly, never tested on animals.  Animal-friendly FTW!  

Make your tub smell like a margarita. 

Time for an Actual Margarita

Everyone knows the classiest place to enjoy an alcoholic beverage is in a luxurious bubble bath.  We at MNML Decor value safety, so how about mixing your drink into these shatterproof tumblers from GoVino?  No worries about broken glass all over your bathroom floor and the set comes with 3 additional glasses so, you know, you can bring some bath buddies with you.

Decadent Decadent Chocolate

What is it about being swallowed up by bubbles and hot water that makes chocolate taste extra fancy?  We love this bar from local-to-us company Xocolatl.  Made in the great city of Atlanta, these small-batch bars are truly special (and get a load of that packaging).  Our pick for bath time is the Kissed Mermaid bar.  Just watch out for shipwrecked sailors.

Crank Some... Lit

We know relaxing tunes are the go-to for bath time, but we like to engage our minds even when we're soaking.  Rather than putting on music and zoning out, how about queueing up that book you've been meaning to get to?  We suggest a page-turner so you don't zone out or doze off.  Are you a fan of dystopian reads?  Bird Box by Josh Malerman held our attention from start to finish.  


Don't skip these, seriously.  Not only are they fun and full of nostalgia, but they'll also cover up the less-than-stellar job you probably did of cleaning your tub.  Just sayin.  
Now we know everyone knows Lush's name.  But there's a reason for that- they're truly the best!  Cruelty-free and boasting tons of vegan products, this company walks the walk by consistently being outspoken in their opposition of animal testing for "beauty" purposes.  They get our dollars any day.  Plus their products are fun and smell great.  
If you haven't tried a bubble bar or a bath bomb, give it a go.  We think you'll be smitten. 

Show Your Bathroom Some Love with Unique Shower Curtains

The bathroom is often the place we neglect the most in terms of style.  But when we can clearly treat this room as an oasis, why cut corners?  Invest in a few nice Turkish towels, get a soft bathmat that makes your feet happy (and then keep it clean!).  Hang a piece of art that inspires you.  Choose a unique shower curtain thoughtfully like the statement piece it is.  Make it yours!

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This post was written by Scarlett Fox.


Scarlett Fox
Scarlett Fox